Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture Greek Goddess Themis

My wife commissioned me to produce the Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture for her law firm. She was looking for a piece of art for her lobby that would make a bold statement. Something that would make a great conversational center piece. The idea of purchasing a traditional lady justice sculpture has been kicked around for several years. Either the available bronze sculptures were either too small, too big or poorly detailed.

So one night while I was sleeping I had a great idea and pitched the concept to my wife after I had a chance to create a rendering for her to view. My wife is one of those “show me”, individuals. Sometimes I tease her that she must be from Missouri, “the show me State”.

Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture Concept

Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture

Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture
by Caesar Yanez

Here is the proposed concept:

1. The face of Lady Justice will be sculpted in the likeness of my wife “client”.

2. Lady Justice will be 1/2 scale (36″ head to toe).

3. A serpent, law books, scales and greek sword will be part of the theme.

4. Lady Justice will be holding half of the scales on each hand. To symbolize that she herself is the scale of justice. The sword will be used to restrain the serpent from attacking her.  The number of law books she uses as her perch has not been determined. In other words, I do not know if I will only use one book or stack several.

5. A Granite base will be incorporated.

The concept is subject to change as the work progresses.




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