Poseidon Neptune God of the Sea

Poseidon Neptune God of the Sea door knocker was commissioned by a client that previous commissioned a gargoyle door knocker.

This commission was a labor of love. I had always enjoyed topcis dealing with Roman and Greek Gods.

The client gave me a ball-park idea of what he wanted. I them gathered my reference materials and played around with several concepts until the correct look and feel balance was achieved.

I love this piece so much that I produced a casting for my collection.

In May of 2013 a Door Knocker museum in the Netherlands showed an interest in the Poseidon Neptune God of the Sea door knocker. At first I was some what confused because the kept on referring to it as a door beater.

The embedded video show the door knocker in the clay stage. To view the final piece conduct a search on this site. The information should be posted sometime after June 2013.


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