Gargoyle Wax Positive

Gargoyle wax positives for my door knocker:

Wax positives are casted from the mold. A was positive is an exact reproduction of the original sculpture. In this case the original gargoyle sculpture was comprised of many parts; therefore, we ended up with several  molds. Some of the parts will be fused together in the wax chasing phase. Others will be joined after the bronze casting phase. The foundry staff will determine which method works best.

The wax used here is made by J-Mac I believe it is the same company I used to purchase my wax from in Rosemead, CA., back then the J.F. McCaughin Clay & Wax company sold to the general public. Several years ago they terminated their tool and supply store. I believe they were purchase by a larger company which phased out everything but the wax and clay products. This wax is normally referred to as “Red Art Bronze Wax”. It comes in several grades ranging from soft, medium and hard. I am not quite sure which grade the foundry uses, but the batch I have at my studio is the hard wax (2-AB43)

The foundry’s sister company sells the wax in 50lb cases.

Gargoyle Wax Positives

gargoyle wax door knocker strike plate

gargoyle wax for the door knocker strike plate

Here we have the strike plate for the door knocker. The strike plate is the area of the door knocker that takes the beating from the hammer. In this case the gargoyle is the hammer.

wax slabs by J-Mac

wax slabs by J-Mac

Here is an image of how the wax looks straight out of the case. The image depicts two 10lb slabs. A case will contain 5 of these slabs.

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