Life-size poodle

My latest dog sculpture commission is of a life-size poodle. This poodle is not quite the size of a standard poodle nor is it the size of a miniature variety. The poodle falls between the two. Poodles are very smart, active and do very well in obedience training. Poodles come in several colors, solid colors, such as white, black, apricot and gray.

The client decided on a sitting pose as seen on this page. The poodle is about three years of age and is full of energy. It was quite a task to get him to sit still while I took his measurements and photos. Overall he finally settled down for the outdoor photos.

dog sculpture

The subject for my life-size Dog sculpture

The clay dog sculpture should take me about two months to complete.  Once the client approves the final clay proof, the dog sculpture will be delivered to the bronze foundry where the mold, bronze casting and patination will take place. I estimate the foundry will take 8 to 12 weeks to complete their tasks.

I will be using the Chavant NSP hard clay for this project. The clay will be brushed onto a foam armature which I will carve using styrofoam.

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