Bronze Dog Sculptures

Custom Canine Bronze Statues

Bronze dog sculptures is one of my niches. I have been creating dog sculptures since the early 80’s. I enjoy sculpting all breeds for each breed has it’s own special qualities.

Sculptures that depict a canine with wildlife are among my favorite concepts to work on. For example, scenes with Rhodesian Ridgebacks tracking a magnificent African Lion are very impressive, or an English Bulldogs baiting a bull. (Please note: I do not promote cruelty to an animals, I only sculpt the scenes since it is part of the breed’s history.)

My style of art is realism; therefore, I enjoy making my sculptures as realistic as possible. I spend hundreds of hours just adding hairlines to the fur texture.

My bronze dog sculptures begin with clay. At the moment my best choice for clay is  Chavant NSP Hard, a clay that is very firm and captures great detail. After the clay model is approved by the client I create the mold. The mold allows me to create multiple castings if needed. All casting will be almost exactly as the original.

One of my favorite things about bronze is when the bronze sculpture is finally ready for the patina. The patina brings the piece to life. Personally I like the single color or traditional brownish patina when it comes to bronze.

Patina is defined as: A greenish or brownish covering on the surface of bronze or comparable metals, created by corrosion over an extended period. However, today the foundries speed up this process by introducing chemicals.

Bronze Dog Sculptures by Caesar Yanez

Bronze Dog sculptures

Bronze Dog sculptures
by Caesar Yanez

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