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quote for a bronze commission by Caesar Yanez

quote for a bronze commission
by Caesar Yanez

I am currently accepting commissions; therefore, if you are seeking a quote for a bronze commission, please send a detailed description of your concept. Use the contact form to your right to submit your contact information. If you have images you wish to submit, please  emailed them to

Caesar Yanez
Hands of Caesar
Los Angeles County, California

Telephone: (email me for my phone number if you wish to call me)


What is the process for obtaining a quote for a bronze commission?

1. Submit your request via the on-line form to your right.

Once I receive your request I will generate a quote within a few days. If I need additional information I will contact you.

The completion time for a bronze commission varies from job to job, normally the completion date is within a year. Smaller and non-complex commissions will take 4 – 6 months to complete.  Commissions that undergo numerous corrections/proofs by the client may take longer; therefore, the estimated due date may need to be revisited.

Please note: I do not charge extra for corrections during the clay stage. The goal is to ensure the sculpture captures the look and feel that the client is trying to achieve. During the foundry phase of the commission, the foundry may charge an additional fee if major unforeseen changes are requested. (please understand that the foundry must manage their labor in order to stay in business)


Caesar Yanez


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If you have images you wish to submit, please upload the images to .
Preferred views are front, back, left; right sides.
If an over head view is necessary to understand the sculpture please provide.

(upload speed will depend on the size of your image files and connection to the internet)
Keep each image below 1mb.

Do you have a “must have” due date for the project?

If so what is it?

Please give any general instructions or areas of special attention. In the comment box below.

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