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Monster Clay Premium grade modeling clay review

Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay review and video will touch on some of the clay features and why I elected to use the clay for my projects. The Monster Clay Premium is described as having a smooth formulation with a low melt temperature and a low tack sensation that will not stick to your fingers or tools. The clay is created of...

Atlas 150 wellness pasta machine for polymer clay Review – Video

I purchased an Atlas 150 wellness pasta machine for polymer clay rolling. My first attempt with the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine did not workout.

This time before purchasing a pasta machine for polymer clay, I decided to take my time and read the reviews other buyer posted on Amazon. One gentlemen swore by the Italian made Atlas pasta machines. He stated he had...

Polymer Clay Rolling Machine Review and Video

Polymer clay rolling machine review:

I decided to purchase a pasta machine to use as my polymer clay rolling machine for my super sculpey firm clay. I purchased the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine through for about $30.99 with free shipping.

For those that have worked with firm clays in the past understand that some clays need conditioning. In other words,...

Super sculpey clay review

Super sculpey firm review video: This Super Scupley Firm review will be based on my experience after using the clay for about a month.

After using the Chavant NSP hard for over 10 years I decided to try another clay. I spent days reading and viewing videos on different clay sculptors utilized that showed promising results.

My requirements for the clay I sought...