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Rhodesian Ridgeback bronze sculptures

These Rhodesian Ridgeback bronze sculptures depicted in the second video were commission by a client in Brazil. She had quite an operation for her Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I believe the ranch was over 1,000 acres, giving this awesome hunting dog ample room.

For the Rhodesian Ridgeback bronze sculptures I utilized American Fine Arts Foundry, located in Burbank, California.

This canine breed is large...

Bronze Dog Sculptures

Custom Canine Bronze Statues

Bronze dog sculptures is one of my niches. I have been creating dog sculptures since the early 80’s. I enjoy sculpting all breeds for each breed has it’s own special qualities.

Sculptures that depict a canine with wildlife are among my favorite concepts to work on. For example, scenes with Rhodesian Ridgebacks tracking a magnificent African Lion are very...