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Gargoyle Wax Positive

Gargoyle wax positives for my door knocker:

Wax positives are casted from the mold. A was positive is an exact reproduction of the original sculpture. In this case the original gargoyle sculpture was comprised of many parts; therefore, we ended up with several  molds. Some of the parts will be fused together in the wax chasing phase. Others will be joined after the...

Gargoyle door knocker

This gargoyle door knocker was commission by the same client that commissioned the Neptune Poseidon door knocker.

Here is a little history about Gargoyles:

Gargoyle is most often applied to medieval works, but throughout the ages it was adapted as, " a means of water diversion". In ancient architecture, gargoyles typically took the form of a lion's head. Similar lion-mouthed water...