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Sculpting the horse’s neck for the Battle of Anghiari

How to sculpt a horse neck with clay

Sculpting the horse's neck for the Battle of Anghiari took about 2 hours. I first repositioned the neck/armature to match the pose of the horse study I was using. Once the neck looked convincing I warmed the monster clay with heat lamps. I then used brut force to bend the neck downward. The areas that where...

Battle of Anghiari horse clay head sculpture

Modeling the horse head using monster clay

The Battle of Anghiari horse clay head sculpture was sculpted using monster clay.

First I took the foam skull from the equine system and decided to separate the jaw from the upper skull in order to allow me to sculpt an open mouth horse.

Open mouth subjects require more time if you intend to detail the inside of...

Battle of Anghiari Armature

Battle of Anghiari Armature & Studies for composition

Like many admirers of Leonardo da Vinci art, I too am a huge fan of his works. In 2007 while searching the internet for images of renaissance style horses I came across the drawing of "Peter Paul Ruben's" interpretation of Leonardo's lost fresco painting.

Over the years I would occasionally conduct a search...