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Most realistic KOI sculptures in bronze

Most realistic KOI sculptures in bronze by Caesar Yanez

FAQ: Who produces the most realistic KOI sculptures in bronze?

The Koi Trio - Living Jewels bronze sculpture took several years to bring it to fruition. The koi clay sculpture began in 2007 and a series of videos were uploaded to youtube in 2008 sharing the work in progress. For instance, the following three...

Sculpting the horse’s neck for the Battle of Anghiari

How to sculpt a horse neck with clay

Sculpting the horse's neck for the Battle of Anghiari took about 2 hours. I first repositioned the neck/armature to match the pose of the horse study I was using. Once the neck looked convincing I warmed the monster clay with heat lamps. I then used brut force to bend the neck downward. The areas that where...

Battle of Anghiari horse clay head sculpture

Modeling the horse head using monster clay

The Battle of Anghiari horse clay head sculpture was sculpted using monster clay.

First I took the foam skull from the equine system and decided to separate the jaw from the upper skull in order to allow me to sculpt an open mouth horse.

Open mouth subjects require more time if you intend to detail the inside of...

Battle of Anghiari Armature

Battle of Anghiari Armature & Studies for composition

Like many admirers of Leonardo da Vinci art, I too am a huge fan of his works. In 2007 while searching the internet for images of renaissance style horses I came across the drawing of "Peter Paul Ruben's" interpretation of Leonardo's lost fresco painting.

Over the years I would occasionally conduct a search...

Dog sculpture wax inspection for bronze casting

Wax positive inspection at the Foundry

Visited the art foundry to inspect the wax positive for the bronze poodle sculpture. Over all I was very pleased with the quality of the work. There are a few minor corrections. 1. Special attention will be focused on the jaw in order to ensure it will line up correctly. 2. The left paw will be revisited in order to ensure it...

How to sculpt baby bald eagles

For those interested in, "how to sculpt baby bald eagles" this is the place to learn. The embedded video shows how I created the eaglet clay models.  Some of the techniques used are demonstrated. My choice of clay is the Chavant NSP Hard. Due to the hardness of the clay I use a crockpot to melt my clay. A brush and spatula are used to apply the...

Poodle dog sculpture is ready for the foundry

The Poodle dog sculpture is ready for the foundry, but only after the client reviews the video and approves the final sculpture.

The sculpture took about 3.5 months to complete. The foundry will take another 8-12 weeks to create the molds, create the bronze casting and apply the patina.

The texture on the coat took much longer than I thought it would....

Dog Sculpture of Poodle

The dog sculpture of the life size poodle depicts the following progress.

• Head was tilted to his right • The head now points downward • The ears were created using aluminum foil and them a layer of clay was brushed on

The next step is to revisit the entire surface and add the hair texture. In other words, detail the rough brush on I...

Baby bald eagle sculpture

This baby bald eagle sculpture is one of three that will be sculpted for a life size bronze that will include both parents and nest.

Once I am done sculpting the eaglets I will pose them in their nest and figure out how I want the parent eagles posed. The nest will be just big enough to balance the composition. I understand...

Life size poodle statue

Today's post depicts the rough work-in-progress on the life size poodle statue commission.  The client requested an open mouth pose; therefore, most of my time to this point was sculpting the tongue and teeth sections. The mouth is a two piece section that is temporarily attached. I will remove the lower section (jaw-tongue & teeth) after the head is completely detailed.

The reason...